We’re all business owners

I don’t know what’s going on in this dorm of mine but its bordering to the point of absurdity. This fall is my first semester being in the dorms, and I swear if I knew it would be like this I wouldn’t have even bothered signing up for it. These dorms cost another 2.5 grand on top of my tuition, and I’m paying to live in a sauna. While my parents are at home trying to keep the house warm while using as little oil as possible with their old boiler, I’m in my college dorm with what is probably the oldest boiler known to man and I feel like I’m about ready to do hot box yoga. This can’t be cheap for the school either! It is nearly December, and I’m supposed to be studying for finals. Instead, I’m in tiny shorts that I usually only wear in the dead of summer, with a my running tank top, trying to cram without sweating to death. I can’t even go to the library because they’re already closed for the night. Granted I should probably be sleeping, but how am I supposed to sleep in all this heat? At this rate, I’m going to have to buy an air conditioner just to stay comfortable, which is just utterly mad. I shouldn’t have to buy an AC unit to be cool enough to sleep when there is snow and ice on the ground. I tried writing an email to the building supervisor, but all they’ve said is the heating and cooling is beyond their control and they are sorry for my discomfort.

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