Cleaning everything we can

As far I am concerned, my wife and I have the greatest, most aesthetic house on the block! I say so because the two of us regularly keep the lawn perfectly cut and watered. Regularly taking care of the way it looks is key to keeping a sharp looking lawn. As well, we make sure that our vehicles are regularly clean, disinfected and without any traces of trash. In all honesty, my wife and I just want to have the nicest looking house where we live. See, the inside of our house is a whole other story. While we do our part to keep it looking nice and clean, there are some issues with a few aspects of it… For instance, the dishwasher has a habit of poorly cleaning the dishes as well as it should, so we always have to take them through a once-over. To make matters worse, the heating and air conditioner runs about as well as a car with sugar in the gas tank. Despite keeping up with the air filter changes and regularly cleaning the equipment, it simply doesn’t want to work all the time! Eventually both of us will have to call an actual HVAC professional to look it over. For now, we’re just going to keep on focusing on the exterior of the house.

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