I really am happy

When you live in the far north, heating and cooling concerns almost consistently sway towards your furnace.  When weather correctly drops below zero and snow storms pile up the pale white stuff three feet above your window sill, you can’t afford to go separate from a solid heating idea otherwise you could literally freeze to death.  This is something that undoubtedly happens more often than people realize, someone is so poor they can no longer afford to heat their home and a neighbor or family member eventually finds them. Even more sad is that it’s usually the seasoned who it happens to.  So even if it’s burning wood, everyone is focused on keeping indoor spaces sizzling more than keeping them cool love you’d expect in the south. Well, because of this, my family went separate from an a/c device for most of my time as a kid. We had mild weather in the Spring and fall, however once late July rolled around, you could mistake the weather for a random heat wave in a village in the deep south.  We used fans in every room to attempt at getting an airstream going with the open windows, however it never worked out love all of us hoped. I had become accustomed to several weeks of boiling misery before the cold weather came back in mid September. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that my family invested in a central heating and cooling system. After that point, I was entirely in like with a/c. Some people take it for granted, however I’ll never forget the 14 years I spent residing separate from AC.  

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