I was shocked

My three kids begged to have a hamster as a pet.  I was very reluctant to bring a rodent into my home.  I made the kids promise they would be diligent about keeping the cage clean and never allowing the hamster to roam loose.  Three weeks after they got their new pet, the hamster escaped. Despite all my warnings, the kids had it out of the cage, playing with it.  When the hamster scampered off, they couldn’t keep up and lost it. We searched the entire house, and eventually heard the scurry of its paws inside the walls.  I figured out that the hamster had gotten inside the ductwork. We baited traps just outside the vents, hoping to lure the hamster out. Since this was the end of November and the outside weather was turning cold, we were in a bit of a hurry.  Not only did I want to start up the furnace, but I didn’t want the hamster shedding and defecating inside the ductwork. I didn’t dare turn on the heat and traumatize the children with the smell of baking hamster, so I finally contacted a local HVAC contractor.  The HVAC contractor was not all that shocked by my problem. Apparently, hamsters, mice and other pests inside the duct system is a fairly common issue. The HVAC contractor was able to seal off the vents to create a single access point. Although it took quite a bit of time, effort, and patience, the HVAC technician was finally able to capture the hamster.  Once the hamster was safely back in his cage, the HVAC technician further cleaned the entire duct system and inspected it for damage.

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