A handy friend

I have a particularly good friend who actually used to work as an HVAC technician, which makes them an even better friend to me. Anytime that I need some A/C help of my own, he’s the one I call. Last summer, for example, he was beyond helpful. When I came home that day from my annual vacation to find that my air conditioner had been leaking everywhere on my floor, I was at a loss for what to do. The carpet in the hallway was totally soaked, and I had no idea what could have caused the problem. When I called my friend, he already had a good idea of what the problem probably was. He ended up coming over in about an hour, and just about an hour after that, he had my air conditioner working like normal again. All it took was a little playing around with one of the hoses that had come loose before he realized exactly what needed to be done to get me all fixed up. After it was all said and done, I was so relieved to have the cooling system working because it was mid-summer, and dealing with the heat would not have been fun without it. I’m also lucky that I didn’t have to call an HVAC technician, especially at the last minute. A regular repair visit would have cost me a lot of money. The fact that the repair would have come on the weekend probably would have driven the cost up even more. Having a friend who is always willing to help out is great! Having a friend who knows how to repair an HVAC unit is even better! He really saved my life this time.

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