I’m feeling safe and comfortable

As Wintertime approaches my main responsibility for the household is to make sure our Air Conditioner plus Heater idea works constantly, but in order to keep our home sizzling once the temperature drops below zero. I live with my family up north plus Wintertime can become quite punishing if the HVAC component is not finally working respectfully. My wife appointed myself and others to be responsible to keep the Air Conditioning plus Heating component serviced plus diagnosed throughout the year. I make sure to change the air filters yearly plus keep all debris clear of the HVAC component outside of the house especially right after immense storms. My wife plus I signed a contract with the local A/C plus Heating supplier to keep our costs down by maintaining the A/C bi-annually, before the coldest area of Wintertime the HVAC worker arrives plus makes sure our Air Conditioner plus Heater component works plus the thermostat has new batteries; Our children each have a work to help keep our costs down as well, but the minute every one of us guess the cold air coming in every one of us gather supplies such as extra wood for the fireplace, candles, blankets, canned food, plus bottled water in case the electricity goes off. The children have backpacks with special items such as toys, coloring books, crayons, flashlights, pretzels, plus anything else that will keep them occupied. My wife made beef jerky by drying out beef plus other pretzels that are non-perishable. I make sure our dogs have food, toys, beds, plus treats. The two of us are fully prepared for anything that may occur this Wintertime.

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