What a great friend

I have a truly loyal and fantastic friend who used to work as an Heating & Air Conditioning worker, so anytime that I need some rapid air conditioning help of our own, she’s the a single guy I call. Last summer, she was beyond helpful with me… When I came lake beach house from our annual holiday to find that our whole air conditioning had been leaking, I was at a loss for what to do, and then the carpet in the hallway was soaked, and I had no idea in that respect what could have caused the problem. When I called our friend in a panic, she already had a fantastic idea of what the underlying problem really was, she ended up coming over in about an hour or so, and just about an hour after that, she had our air conditioning toiling just about the same normal again. All it took was a little playing around with a single of the rubber hoses that had come loose before she realized exactly what needed to be done in that moment to get myself and others all fixed up. After it was all said and done with my AC, I was so relieved to have the cooling system toiling again because it was mid-summer, and dealing with the heat would not have been any type of fun without it, and i’m also lucky that I didn’t have to call an Heating & Air Conditioning worker and pay for them, especially at the last hour. She truly saved our life this time.

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