The money was well spent

When the fire in the home office shut down the restaurant, I got really anxious, but i’ve been finally working the supper shift here for three years. I did not want to have to look for a new task, and this locale does a lot of covers in a night so the tips are good. That’s not consistently the case at most restaurants. I’ve worked at a few of the well-known fast casual locales, where parties of several and numerous didn’t even tip and management didn’t care at all. But the owners here didn’t waste a minute getting the rebuild started. I guess they had unbelievable insurance, then not only is the home office back in action but there are upgrades to a lot of other parts of the restaurant, too. The restrooms were completely redone. They look great. The HVAC method was replaced. That has made the  greatest difference, most people don’t realize that commercial home offices need extra cooling because the heat from the cooking surfaces and the dishwashers is unquestionably intense, however at the same time, the clients need comfortable heating and cooling in the dining areas depending on the season. The owners said they had a top of the line HVAC method installed with all new HVAC duct. It’s improved the indoor air quality so much. My eyes, nose and throat used to get irritated every time I picked up an order in the home office. Now, with a built-in air purification method in the building HVAC, there is no difference between the air quality from dining room to home office. It’s so much less tiring to work a busy shift when the climate control and air quality is so good.