Getting dining chairs and tables

When I decided to downsize from my townhouse to a condo after my divorce, I knew getting used to it would be a body of work. The condo is a really lovely place, with all of the modern amenities I want at a price tag that fits my new budget. However, it is half the square footage of my old townhouse. I plan to be here for at least a decade, so I want furniture that is going to last. However, it also has to be double duty. In a space this small, everything needs to be dual purpose. A couch also needs to be storage or a sleeper sofa for guests. Every nook and cranny in the kitchen needs to be turned into useable storage space. There’s a lot of little useless spaces that I know I can do something with, I just don’t know what. So, I turned to the custom furniture store my mother has always sworn by. They offered to come by the house and make plans with me there, if I was comfortable with it. I was so excited to have them come by, and they were just as excited to help! The designer was so sweet and understood exactly what I was trying to do to. She helped me design the perfect living room set that would work to store all of my throw blankets and even tuck the movies out of the way, all without congesting the space. Plus, they’re building custom organizers for both the odd spaces in the kitchen and my cabinets. Everything will match the current furnishings perfectly, and I don’t have to worry about the “will it or won’t it fit” moment from buying something pre-made.

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