How big of couch do we want?

Ever noticed that finding anything glamorous for adults is next to impossible? I’m a grown woman, but that doesn’t mean I want my bedroom to be boring. Yet everything I find that gives just a hint of that razzle dazzle is reserved for the children’s bedding department. It’s so frustrating. The furniture marketed for adults is also so dull and boring, and the children’s stuff is obviously not the right fight for me? Why can’t a bedroom be fun and gorgeous? I knew there had to be others with my sense of style, so I kept looking. Eventually, I realized that out of the box stores just weren’t going to work for me. That’s when I found the answer taking my dog for a walk one day–my custom furniture store! I thought they just did work for stuffy old people, doing historical replicas and repairing vintage furniture. Yet when I went inside, I found this was not the case at all. The custom furniture store works in style of all kinds, even mine! They even helped me define my style, it’s the stunning era of old Hollywood glamour. Though it took a big hit of my salary this month, it is entirely worth it to finally have someone who gets my style! The designer sat down with my to put together a whole bedroom set that is both very mature and not at all boring! We used subtle warm pinks to offset the stunning pops of silver and gold in the dresser and bed frame. It’s glitzy and glamorous, everything I ever wanted it to be and more.

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