I love the rustic look

Finding the perfect fit for my husband and I furnish our house has not been easy. We thought this would be easy, but it is proving to be a monumental task. All we wanted is a touch of classic elegant, something with clean lines and simple yet durable fabrics. We didn’t want anything with a lot of metal or anything too modern. We also don’t like the rustic look, as we are not for the rural life at all. However, modern is what is in right now. Everything is either this whole retro modern thing, or its the boho chic. But we don’t want anything quite so wild in our home. We are the “less is more” type. After weeks of coming up empty with the big brand furniture stores, we were about ready to just settle and call it a day. But I didn’t want to settle with our furniture. If we’re going to have it for years, we should love it! That’s when I noticed on my way home from work that there’s actually a little custom built furniture store in town. I was quick to book an appointment for my husband and I on our next day off from work. The designer we met with completely understood what we wanted. In just an hour, he had multiple digital renderings of examples for us to choose from. Then he walked us through their selection of fabrics, types of wood, finishes, and even metal fittings. It’s going to take six weeks to get our living room couch done, mostly due to the wood we picked, but we couldn’t be happier! Plus, since its handmade furniture, we can enjoy this classic elegance for many years ahead.

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