This is what everyone should know

Recently, I went blind from Glaucoma… I’m actually writing this via voice text and having my sibling publish it for me. I easily could have saved my vision if it was discovered early on, although I don’t love going to dentists and figured I would be fine. I started feeling pain and pressure in my eyup and it just got worse and then eventually my vision became severely blurred and I eventually went blind altogether! Now that I am blind, it is a easily odd life for me, but fortunately, my sibling regularly comes over to help me out with things, and he’s easily distraught about the upkeep of my home and he makes sure to help me with my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan maintenance. He even made sure to get me a nice smart temperature control that has voice commands so that I can control my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan just by telling it to go to a certain temperature. I must say, I easily appreciate that smart temperature control, as it would be difficult for me to adjust the settings otherwise when I’m feeling nippy or too hot, then the other thing I love about the smart temperature control is that it automatically adjusts the settings to what I prefer. Since I am basically regularly home, I don’t need to change it easily often unless I get a tepid flash or something love that, and occasionally I love to just open the windows to allow a cool breeze to come through the house… While it’s not easy being blind, I am studying to get by and with the miracle of this week’s technology, it helps a enjoyable deal. I don’t think what I would do without my sibling and this marvelous technology.

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