Lubricating the motor belt

My boyfriend Shawn has managed to convince me to grow out my hair. I have always had short hair, now my hair is half way down my back. I like the look of my long hair, but not the maintenance. I use way more shampoo and I have to use conditioner now. I also see my hair everywhere. The tub drain has to be cleaned daily bascue of my hair in it. My hair brush gets clogged every week. I vacuum once a week too, old due to my hair. I realized there is another thing that is affected by my longer hair, my HVAC equipment. A central heating and cooling system uses an air filter. The air conditioning filter is the line of defense against dust. Basically the dust in the home gets sucked into the HVAC while it works. The air filter catches all that dust before it goes into the system. It keeps the HVAC cleaner, and worker better. If the dust gets in it, it can overheat and breakdown. Usually the air conditioning filter is changed once a month, sometimes more. I have to now change my cooling filter every week. My hair is getting sucked into the HVAC and clogging the filter. It looks like a little rat ball of hair. Once a week I need to remove the filter and get all my gross hair out of it. It is a lot of work and I want to cut it. Shawn just about has a heart attack when I suggest it though. I just am tired of cleaning air filters.

central heating and air