I am feeling nice and cool

Flying back home for the holidays is always a frustrating time of the year. The airports are always flooded with excited and anxious people trying to get back home in time. Not to mention the ridiculously overpriced food! I am not a very frugal person, but there is no way that I am spending $25 dollars on a burger and fries. I can get past all of this nonsense, but what I can’t get over is when my flight ends up getting delayed five hours due to incoming bad weather. You would think that since it’s during the winter the airports would have some proper heating and cooling, right? Well it turns out to be quite the opposite. I was freezing. I decided to pay for a lounge in hopes of finding a warm furnace to sit next to, but I had no luck. I decided to ask one of the employees if they could call the HVAC technician to come and turn on the heating. As luck would have it, he wasn’t able to make it to the airport today due to the weather. As I was standing next to this heating unit, I decided to try to turn it on myself. I had watched my HVAc technician work on my unit back home, so it was a breeze. I’m glad I was able to figure out how to turn on the heating and not have to freeze to death, but the next time I fly the airports HVAC better make it into work!

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