Getting rid of the air purifier

When I first moved into my new rental home, I noticed a musty smell in the air. I wrote it off as the place not having been properly cleaned–it had sat abandoned for over six months–and figured I could just deal with it accordingly. One month in, I started having breathing problems. Friends and co-workers had begun to point out that I was coughing a lot. I thought I was getting a cold, but my friends pointed out that I had had the cough for a long while, well over a month. I finally caved and looked into my indoor air quality, and tried scrubbing down my bedroom once again. It wasn’t until I had to grab my phone out from under my bed one night, that I spotted mold growing on my wooden bed frame. The next morning I took apart the bed, scrubbed down everything, and even found mold growing in my pillows. My home doesn’t have central air conditioning or an HVAC system, so I purchased a dehumidifier and a new air purifier. I took care to purchase a model that included the use of a HEPA air filter. The air purifier works to trap the mold molecules, which stops the mold from being able to attach to surfaces and reproduce. The dehumidifier works in tandem with it to dry out the air, so mold has nowhere to live. Air purification devices can also include a specialized type of light that works to destroy bacteria; this is the same air cleaning technology hospitals use. Immediately, my breathing problems went away. I’m so grateful for my air purification system; it’s one of the best investments for my overall health that I’ve ever made.

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