This furnace is awesome

I live on the top floor of a high rise building in the city. It is not a cheap place to live and I expect perfection for what I pay. I know that might sound harsh but in this world, you have to be harsh to get what you want. I learned that at a very young age from my father who was a financier. He had to put people out of business over the course of his career but he never had any regrets for what he did. I grew up admiring him for his ruthlessness and I try to emulate that trait in my everyday life. Take the other day when the air conditioner was broken in my building. We have a giant central air conditioning unit that takes care of the entire building. The thing is as big as a house. The other day it started malfunctioning and blowing out hot air. It was about 85 degrees out that day and the last thing anyone needed was more hot air blowing around. The leather furniture was sweating. I called down to the front desk and was very annoyed that the clerk did not know about this. It is his job to know these things. I dressed him down for being the slacker he is and told him to call an HVAC company to fix the air conditioner. An hour later the problem was not fixed and I was livid. I fully expected the air conditioning to be operational when I got home from the store. Just as I was going to walk downstairs and scream, cold air came out of the vents. That guy is lucky.

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