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I try to save money wherever possible. I am very aware of the value of a dollar, and I do everything to save as many of them as I can. My wife Gina is not always a big fan of this, but she understands. Life is much tougher when you need money, and you do not have what you need. Ever since I learned this lesson early on in life, I have always been very keen on saving up money. A great benefit to this strategy is also having the money necessary to indulge in a few things that are really desirable. My wife Gina and I happen to be really big fans of using our climate control equipment. The money we save on other things, makes it really easy for us to have our thermostat set at exactly what we desire. In the summer, we love having a nice cool home where the air conditioner keeps the house feeling fresh and crisp. We also love to fall asleep with the air conditioner running. In the winter season, we are the complete opposite. For whatever reason, we like to be nice and warm, so we like to have our heating system keeping the house toasty, even as we fall asleep. We cut a lot of corners, but when it comes to our heating and cooling it is one luxury we can’t live without. However, we still do our best to be thrifty in our heating and cooling preferences. We invested in a programmable thermostat that makes it possible for the system to not run so hard when we are not home or after we fall asleep.