This is out of control!

The holiday season is here, and that means I am getting ready for good times and good meals with family and friends. I personally am looking forward to the Turkey and the Ham. My mom’s famous mashed potatoes have me really excited too. With the weather cooling off, I can use the few extra pounds to stay warm anyway. However, I am not going to let the festivities get me complacent. I know it’s the season for good tidings, but that doesn’t mean life, with all of its curveballs, takes a break. I know there are still things that can go wrong, and I make sure I am prepared for everything. For instance, I am very up-to-date with my HVAC system. I am very cautious about it ever malfunctioning in a cold spell, and I make sure I have a service technician out during the fall to ensure the system is in reliable shape. When he comes out, he does a tune-up on the system ensuring everything is running at its best, and he will also repair any worn down parts. I also do a lot of things myself to ensure my HVAC equipment is fine. For starters, I am very keen on changing out my heating and cooling systems air filter. I know that if there is too much debris in the air, the system has to work harder to provide heating and cooling. Even still, regardless of the things I do to keep up with my HVAC system, I find getting a licensed HVAC service technician to come to my house for the best.   

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