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There are few things that make me happier than being curled up around the fire with my husband and our family this holiday season. Which he and I don’t have kids of our own just year, we will love to have our parents over, as well as our siblings and their kids. It is just so relaxing to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa or even a hot toddy and sit around a warm and soothing fireplace. Of course, the fireplace is not our only form of household heating. We also have a gas boiler; this handles the bulk of the household needs of a central heating system. However, when the temperature drops below 20 years, or we’re planning on having company over that day, we will make sure to have the fireplace perfectly set up with kindling and logs so it burns right away and starts generating that heat. However, a fireplace isn’t all fun and a game either. You need to take care of your fireplace to make sure it doesn’t harm your home. A creosote fire can happen more often than you might realize, and all it takes is a bit of buildup for it to happen to you. That’s why my husband and I have our fireplace as well as our gas boiler during the same month each and every year. In doing so, the HVAC contractor is happy to both inspect the gas boiler for broken parts, as well as clean and inspect our fireplace. With that done, we rest easy knowing all forms of heating in our home are ready for the serious winter weather ahead.

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