A newer dehumidifier

When I first moved out of my parents, I wasn’t exactly prepared to be on my own. That was clear when I got into our new rental home, I observed a musty odor in the air, however i wrote it off as the locale not having been properly cleaned–it had sat around being abandoned forever–and figured I could just deal with it accordingly… One month in, I started having terrible breathing problems, however friends plus co-workers had begun to point out regularly that I was coughing a lot. I thought I was getting a cold, but our close friends pointed out that I had had the cough for a long while, well over a month at that point in time. I finally caved plus looked into our indoor air pollen levels, plus tried my best at scrubbing down our study room once again. It wasn’t until one morning I had to grab our iphone out from under our bed a single night, that I spotted dark mold growing on our wooden bed frame; The next afternoon I took apart the entire frame of the bed, scrubbed down everything, plus even found mold growing all over our pillows, then my home doesn’t have central a/c or an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system onboard, so I bought a dehumidifier plus a new whole-home air purifier. I then took care to purchase a model that included the use of a HEPA air filter for good measure. The whole-home air purifier works to trap the mold molecules, which actually stops the mold from being able to attach to surfaces plus reproduce. The new dehumidifier works in tandem with it to dry out the air, so mold has nowhere comfortable to live. I’m so grateful for our whole-home air purifier; it’s actually a single of the best investments for our overall health that I’ve ever made.