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This past Winter was especially brutal.  It started snowing by the end of September and never quit until March.  The snow piled up in drifts much higher than the mailbox. Both of us spent a fortune running the furnace at maximum capacity.  I was eager for the arrival of Spring and warmer weather. The temperature climbed into the eighties without much warning and certainly quickly.  Both of us also got hit with serious thunderstorms. There was tons of rain, high winds, and snowmelt, which caused major flooding. Both of us lost power for over a week, and were without our sump pump, air conditioner and dehumidifier.  My basement filled with water, and there was tons of disfigure. The dirty water ruined the furnace, the washer and dryer. Both of us couldn’t open the windows because of the rain, so the moisture was trapped inside. Both of us couldn’t run the air conditioner, and had no way to combat the heat.  The condo was overheated, sticky and horribly uncomfortable. Both of us lived with no lights, running water, or internet. Both of us concerned about health and safety complications. There was condensation dripping down the windows and mold growth on the sills, in the basement and in the bathroom.  I don’t ever want to go through that ordeal again. When our local Heating & A/C supplier came to upgrade the furnace and maintenance the air conditioner after the storm, I asked about a standby generator. The generator was seriously high-priced to purchase and install, however it automatically starts up when there’s a power outage.  During times of serious weather, I will still be able to rely on our furnace, air conditioner, dehumidifier, sump pump, running water, and all essential appliances.

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