I did get excited

When I get into the studio, I want my clients and my subjects to always feel comfortable and at ease. That’s why when I bought the place, I spared no expense on the HVAC system. I work as a photographer, and my shoots can vary a lot depending on the needs of the client and what kind of art I feel like creating that day. For my clients, I want them to always feel cool and at ease with the work we’re doing. Sounds easy, right? Well, when you introduce a small army of photography lights, it becomes a lot harder. Certain shoots can feel like you’re battling the sun to stay cool, and the sun is just a few feet from your skin. That’s why I made sure to get a heating and cooling system that can put up with immediate demands through a future known as rapid cooling. This system required a lot of pricey ductwork to get this feature, but as far as I’m concerned it is what makes my studio so awesome. This unique HVAC setting is actually a type of system which allows you to very quickly cool down a room, regardless of how hot it is. It’s called rapid because it does so so quickly that in most cases the central air conditioning system can cool down in an entire house in less than an hour. While my studio does not quite cool down that quickly, it does the job infinitely faster than a a standard HVAC system every would.

cooling unit