I’m happy about the heater

My best friend just started his dream job, but his first week is not quite going to plan. He thought he would working with computer codes and programming styles in order to help troubleshoot and improve the programs his new company makes. However, this has been far from the case thus far. Instead of writing hours of code, or even just pooling over hours of code to find the one single error which is keeping the program from working, he got sent to go fix the server room. His boss explained that the computers have been running incredibly slow for months, and they need to eliminate the possibility that the server room could just need work before they get into the long and strenuous battle of removing modern viruses from every computer in his facility. When he began working in there, he noticed immediately that it was way too hot for the servers to perform adequately. When he reported it to his boss, he said it was always that warm. My friend first cleaned and changed out the cooling fans in each and every server tower. Once that was done, he tackled the problem of the HVAC. The heating and cooling system needed to working a lot better to cool off that room. So my friend ended up working with the ductwork and rerouting more cool air into the server room. Once the work was all done, the computers at his company started performing better almost immediately. Though it’s not his dream job yet, he’s certain he’ll get there after impressing them with his HVAC work.

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