I love that

I am blessed to do what I love, but that is not to say it doesn’t come without its struggles or problems. It just means I have the courage and conviction to work to overcome them. I run one of the last remaining vintage bookstores left in my state. This store has been here for over two hundred years, and am confident that it will be here for another two hundred years long after I am gone. Running this business is a unique balance of display and conservation. We want the customers to be able to handle and inspect the books before they buy, but we also want to keep all of our texts in the best shape possible. If they are handled too much by customers, they could go down in value by quite a bit. One of the keys to keeping my stock of vintage books in superior condition is the use and maintenance of our HVAC system. This heating and cooling system does a lot more than just change the temperature of the shop; it also cleans and adjusting the dampness of the air. Our heating and AC system has both an air purification system as well as a dehumidifier and humidifier unit built into it. This enables the HVAC system to filter out contaminants and pollutants from the air, as well as keep the air from getting too much moisture. By keeping the air clean and dry, we work to extend the life our books, and thusly our bookstore, for centuries to come.

temperature control system