I really don’t understand

Every Tuesday, my roommate and I have a ritual of going out to get our nails done. We never do anything else for ourselves–we don’t go out to dinner much and don’t really buy lots of clothes or fancy things. But the nail salon we go to really knows how to pamper us so our hard earned dollars are well spent. This place not only paints our nails, but they care for our hands too. Once the nails are done, the employees also massage your hands and use a relaxing wax dip that works to moisturize the skin. We love these things because my roommate and I both work with our hands for long hours a day, every single day. The massage actually works to relieve a lot of the pain we get in our hands, while the wax dip keeps our skin healthy. Despite all of the chemicals in the nail salon, you never smell any of it. That’s their superior HVAC system at work. In places we’ve gone to in the past, you can smell the faint scent of burning nails from the nail filing drill, or the ever present smell of nail polish remover. But not here! Here all you smell is pleasant oil diffusers whose scents are designed to relieve stress and cheer you up. Their HVAC system is constantly working with awesome air filters and an air purification system to filter out any contaminants and toxins in the air. Not only is this healthier for you, but it just feels nicer too. As long as they keep the heating and cooling in great shape, my roommate and I will be back every week.

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