They’ll have to deal with this

My partner and I are currently living in a very old and run down farmhouse, and it has not been a very easy thing to do so far. We are both college grads who are just looking to make ends meet, so when it came to buying a house we didn’t have much room to be flexible. One random day, we were driving down the highway and saw that there was a heated gas furnace on the side of the road that said “Free for whoever wants it” We were both super excited because our heated gas furnace had just broken down a week ago and we were freezing each night without one. To our utter surprise, the heated gas furnace was in top notch condition. There was hardly a scratch or dent on the thing! My partner and I still had our doubts however. It either had to be filled with dirt and debris or had damaged air ducts. When we got home and installed it however, we were met with a very pleasant surprise. The heated gas furnace began working as if we had just picked it up from the local HVAC heating and cooling company! We had been in a pretty bad mood due to work stress and the lack of heating at our house, not to mention paying off student loans. We both felt super blessed. A heated gas furnace of this quality would cost thousands of dollars to buy, so it was so nice to finally catch a break. Things are looking up for our young family!

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