Is that the truth

My partner and I are both very smart when it comes to saving money and spending it wisely, except when it comes to going out to eat at restaurants. We are both very bad cooks, and the kitchen in our apartment is super small and compact. Cooking in there always turns out to be a disaster and leaves the whole place smelling like what we just cooked. We usually go out to eat at a sushi place downtown, but that might have to change due to the fact that they keep it so chilly in there now! I could swear that they have their heating and cooling unit set to sixty degrees in there. I asked one of the waiters when we were eating in there if we could have the a/c turned down a little bit, but she just said that wasn’t possible at the moment. She said that the new manager put in a state of the art industrial grade a/c unit in order to keep all of the fish for the sushi cool and fresh. Apparently last week they had a customer complain that the sushi roll he ate wasn’t “fresh” enough. I was confused by this, because he still ate the entire roll for some reason. With this new a/c unit they might be keeping the fish cool but they are also going to freeze their loyal customers to death. I guess that my partner and I will have to start cooking at home. Or perhaps just find a new favorite restaurant nearby.