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Resin is a sticky, flammable, organic substance that is not water soluble.  Resin comes from the sap of plants and trees, usually the pine or fir tree. Most people think of resin as being what some fake statues, or busts come from.  Most people can find something that is made of resin in their homes. In reality, there isn’t a person out there that doesn’t own something that is made of resin.  The most popular item is clothing. If you have something made of polyester, then you are wearing a form of the plastic made from resin. This is a very durable type of material, and the reason it is used for work clothing, in sneaker material, and also for cloth covered seats.  The airlines are known for using polyester in their seats. It’s durability makes it very popular. The fact that it can be washed quite often, and it holds up to the detergents, makes it a most sought after material. Fabrics and textiles, don’t all want to be the same color and design, however.  Many companies have figured out how to dye materials and to put different designs in that materials. Because of its flammability, it needed to have lower heat and still keep it color safe. Arrow Systems, Inc., came up with a way to make the material heat resistant, and it can create the tags you see on the seat belts.  It’s tolerance to high stress conditions makes it the perfect addition for aircraft interiors. I would love to see these machines at work. They are faster than my printer, because they print from 3 to 36 inches per second.

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