I know the bees need to go

Relaxing on my back porch on a sunny morning, I noticed lots of bees flying by.  At first I assumed that they were attracted to a big lilac bush in the garden. However, I kept seeing them flying around the same spot on my siding.  Curiosity had me moving to investigate. As I got closer, I saw a line of brown goo running down the side of the house. The bees were flying in and out on a continual path.  I figured out that they had managed a way to build a hive under the siding. I had no clue how to handle this, so I looked in the yellow pages for exterminators. I didn’t want to kill the bees.   They are so beneficial to the garden, but, I also didn’t want them in my house either. The majority of the exterminators only provided extermination of the hive. It took several calls before I found the name of a bee handler who would safely remove them.  I wanted to make sure the bees were relocated to a safer area where they could thrive. The man who came out said he owned a big parcel of land with numerous trees. The older trees were there to accommodate the many hives and encourage the colonies to grow naturally. There was a minor fee for the removal of the bees.   I felt it was worth it because my house was no longer under attack. And the bees could live on. I felt like I had done a good job for sake of the the bees in the end.