A containment issue

When we discovered a nest of bees located under our sun deck, my husband and I weren’t sure what to do.  Arnold and I spend a lot of time out there during the summer months. We didn’t want to give up our time in the nice weather.   We talked about pesticides, but weren’t happy with that answer. There is a decline in honeybees in the area, and this wasn’t an environmentally responsible decision.   The bees are a vital part of the pollination process for apple orchards in our local area. All we knew was that we had to get rid the bees quickly, so we could enjoy our deck for the the entire season.  Thankfully we found a couple of specialized companies online. We called, and the professional agreed to come out and relocate the bees for a minor fee. They came and set up equipment for capturing the bees after dark.  They left the container in place for almost 48 hours. This allowed the whole colony of bees to migrate into the containment cylinder. They were then moved safely. I wanted to make sure that they would not just come back the very next day.  The professional assured me that as long as they moved the hive at least two miles away, there wouldn’t be return. The whole process was super interesting. We learned that they set up after dark so that the bees would have already settled into the hive for the night.  If they tried during the day, some of the would have been away from the nest and possibly left behind. It was interesting and we learned quite a bit about the bees. I’m still glad that they are gone.

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