Oil furnace facts to know

My roommate and I could not believe it when we got called in to come to work. We honestly thought they would close the store with all this ice on the roads, but no, our manager says we’re staying open. Well, it took us over two hours to make a drive that usually takes 30 minutes. There is wet, heavy snow starting to come down, and already we’re seeing downed power lines all over the place. Naturally, when we get into work, the lights are dimmed. That’s not good, seeing as we should have been fully opened with the all of the lights on over a half hour ago. When we get in, its to find just a few managers there and almost no other team members. Our store had lost power and was only running on the emergency back-up. So we had the emergency lights, and no HVAC. We spent the first two hours of our shift just racing to empty the frozen cases from the aisles and into the freezers. But as we’re doing so, customers are actually coming in to shop! The store has not heating or cooling, so certain areas of the store are freezing, but people are still here. They’re not even buying storm supplies like space heaters or deicer. The last person I rung out bought two t-shirts and a pack of gum. Finally, our boss concluded that we had to let everyone go home and close up early because technically, we were working in illegal conditions. The store has to be able to heat to at least 65 degrees for us to be working there, and no HVAC means that isn’t happening.

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