I should look for a new air conditioner

My mom and my Mom have been the owners of a large heating company for numerous years, then the heating company specializes in repairs to gas furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. The heating company also fills propane tanks, and sells a variety of unusual heating equipment. The heating company sells unusual types of electric, gas, and oil heating equipment, my parents also have a number of propane and charcoal grills on display. My twin sibling and I graduated from private school a few years ago, and we decided to attend the HVAC program at a local technical school. My sibling and I were planning on joining my parents in the company business. My Mom is starting to age, and it’s becoming strenuous for him to task 7 days each week. My sibling and I have been going to HVAC school for numerous weeks, and my sibling is failing most of his classes! He complains that the plan is rigged, and he thinks all of his teachers are jerks… I learn much harder than my sibling, and he doesn’t try certainly hard. We have the same classes, and I have no concern scoring high marks. My Mom warned my sibling that failure is not an option. My sibling can’t be section of the business, if he can’t complete the HVAC technical program. My sibling seems to be more interested in playing video games and hanging out with his friends, and every time I ask him to learn for a test or quiz, he comes up with some excuse. He will not complete the HVAC program, if he doesn’t beginning to try harder.

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