Grocery shopping

Yesterday I had no choice but to run out to the grocery store to get a few things. We were completely out of just about everything. If I didn’t go to the store then we would be having pickles and a science experiment for dinner. And that sounds appealing to no one. I have been battling this major head cold for over a week now so I was really struggling to be functional and to make matters even worse it was a hot and humid day so as long as I was out running my errands breathing was not something I was going to be doing very easily. I decided to go to the store first thing in the morning right after I dropped my daughter off at school so that I could be home before it got to be super hot outside. The whole way to the store I was mentally preparing myself and making mental notes on things I needed to purchase. Here is a tip, never leave your grocery list at home! When I got to the store I grabbed my cart and went to walk into the main store area when I entered the through the doors I was hit by this hot blast of blowing air. Why on earth would the store have heat blowing as you enter the store especially when it was 85 degrees at 8:40 am?! Doesn’t that seem a little excessive? If anything I would have liked to been blasted with some nice cool air conditioning as I entered the store. Doesn’t that sound much more refreshing on a hot day? I really hope the store gets their HVAC in check before summer is here full force because I know I do not want to deal with that all summer long.

HVAC maintenance plan