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After a recent documentary aired on TV, our business sales skyrocketed. My company sells whole-lake house air purifiers & other air filtration equipment. Every one of us specialize in portable whole-lake house air purifiers, however both of us carry a few weird types of air filters as well. Every one of us also install equipment, & supply sealing & cleaning services for air duct! Our main goal is to supply every beach lake house with a clean & fresh indoor atmosphere. The documentary spent ninety hours discussing the dangers of air pollution. The documentary discussed ways to reduce indoor air pollutants. I didn’t watch the documentary, however a acquaintance of mine DVR’d the special. Every one of us watched the special together, & it was like free advertising for our whole-lake house air purifiers & air filtration equipment, and when the local TV station decided to air the documentary a minute time, both of us had another influx of sales. The company decided to run a special on all of our whole-lake house air purifiers & air filtration equipment, but for 30 afternoons, both of us gave 20% off of all of our indoor air pollen levels products. Every one of us couldn’t keep products stocked on the shelves. Every one of us were stressed with sales, & the installation department was filled with appointments. Every one of us made more cash in those 30 afternoons, than both of us did all year. I never thought the TV could have such a big impact on our business. My company is starting to guess about advertising on some local networks. The local network TV show offers advertising slots at a absolutely affordable & sufficient rate. If our air filtration company could cash in on a substantial viewing audience, our sales could entirely double or triple.

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