The quality of my heating system

Last summer, my locale experienced an all out heatwave. I am from the north and not accustomed to hot temperatures as high as the nineties. For this I was unprepared. I’ve consistently been happy without a luxurious central cooling system. I’m practical and keep the windows open and use fans to circulate the fresh air. While there’s an occasional sticky night, I’ve never needed to invest in an air conditioner. This past heatwave turned my beach house into a clammy sauna. There was steam and condensation fogging all the windows, and no breeze to dry things out. The worst came at night. It was impossible to sleep. When it came time to get up in the morning, I was just as tired as when I went to bed only I was damp from perspiration. I decided to have central air installed but none of the local HVAC technicians had time to schedule an appointment. They were all booked, and the soonest available appointment was for two months down the road. By then, the weather would have cooled off. I then tried a few hardware stores in the area, but couldn’t find any portable air conditioners in stock. They were all sold out. I was able, however, to order an A/C window unit  over the internet. Miraculously, it was delivered to my front door in two days. I was so surprised by its compact size and lightweight chassis. I carried it up the stairs and installed it by myself just as if I was a qualified technician. Despite its small size, this particular system put out a lot of power. It was able to cool down the whole master bedroom within a few minutes. I controlled the temperature using a remote control. How nice to be cool, comfortable, and in bed. My A/C purchase has improved my life and air quality.

air quality