It has dropped below freezing

I’ve owned our building for nearly thirty years, have consistently maintained our boiler system. When we first moved in, the existing furnace was already twenty-five years old, but continued to operate just fine for another ten years. The only reason we ended up buying a new boiler was because parts for the old one were no longer available. When we were trying to decide on our new modern boiler, we thought we’d like to substitute the radiators with baseboard heating because of the compact design and safety features. We were looking at a very costly project, but upgrading would provide us with quality, efficiency, and reliability. We wanted a heating system that provided comfort. Since I fully expected to live the building for the next twenty to thirty years, I was determined to plan everything right. I started by researching the heating manufacturers, the models of boilers they offered, and their warranties.  Of all the features that these modern boilers offered, we decided that the warranty was the most important feature. I also learned that the integrity of the Heating and A/C supplier was far more important than the actual boiler. The Heating and A/C supplier must know how to determine the sizing, create the design, and add-on upgrades. Not all boiler systems are created equal. An oversized boiler costs more to purchase, and more to run. It would be inefficient, adding to those energy bills. Above all, it would wear out quickly. On the other hand, a boiler that is too small would use up more energy, and fail to meet our heating needs. Problems with the installation upgrade might lead to energy waste as well as system failure. I was very lucky to find a reliable HVAC supplier to handle the job. As a result, I’ve been totally satisfied with the results.

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