Working out on a farm

Back in my crazier, restless days, I hitchhiked across the midwest. I was hopping from town to town, living job to job, and packing up and leaving whenever I got bored enough. During one of my adventures, I decided to offer my services as a farm hand on a rather large farm. I grew up in the country and used to help out on my grandpa’s ranch all the time. I didn’t think this would be much different. Let me tell you though, it was a tough life, and that farmer worked me hard. I was compelled to stick around though, because it just felt right. I was developing a good sense of discipline, not to mention a good tan and some great muscles. That being said, the old servant’s quarters that he put me up in was super hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. In the winter, he made sure I had plenty of heavy blankets and good winter clothing. He even gave me this really old space heater. It ran pretty hot, but every night I was half afraid that it would set the whole house on fire. In the summer though, I had far less luck. I got some rickety old oscillating fans and that was about it. Let me tell you, after a long, hard day of working out on that farm, it would have been amazing to come home to some genuinely good climate control. Looking back on those years, I’m so glad I finally settled down and so glad that I live in a home with excellent HVAC!

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