I have a huge calculus exam

Yesterday I suddenly realized that I  had no choice but to run out to the grocery store to get a few things at the complete last minute, but we were completely out of just about everything… If I did not go to the store right at that moment, the two of us would be having cucumbers and a huge calculus experiment for dinner! And that sounds attractive to no one whatsoever. I have been battling this major head cold now for over a month now so I was particularly struggling to be totally functional and to make matters even worse for myself it was a hot and humid day so as long as I was out in the heat running my errands breathing was not something I was going to be happily doing. I decided to go to the store first thing in that very same afternoon right after I dropped my child off at school so that I could be condo before it got to be super hot outside. The whole way to the store I was mentally preparing myself for the huge task and making mental notes on things I needed to purchase for everyone, however here is a tip, never leave your grocery list at home! Whenever I finally got to the store I grabbed my cart and went to walk into the main area of the shop when I entered the through the doors I was hit by this huge hot blast of blowing air. Why on earth would this particular store have heat blowing as you enter the store especially when it was already freaking 85 degrees at 8:40 am?! Doesn’t that seem a little excessive to anyone else? If anything I would have liked to been blasted with some nice fresh cool air conditioning system as I entered the store, I guess!

temperature control unit