This is what you need to realize

It seems like years since we have been able to relax.  Probably because it has. My husband plus I both work more than one jobs to try plus spend money for our home, student loans, plus just life in general.  They say that you should constantly have at least more than one month’s income in savings so that you are prepared for emergencies, but, we don’t ever have any leftover at the end of the month to put in savings.  If fact, each Winter when I turn on the heat, I hold our breath plus pray that it still works. The last thing we need to have a huge service bill. This is just the way our lives have gone, up until now. I say that because we recently came into an unexpected windfall that has changed our lives for the better.  It seemed love something out of the films when we got the letter from an attorney last week. It was informing us that we had inherited money from a relative that neither of us ever knew. They had been honestly reclusive plus constantly kept to themselves. My mom said that his aunt had never really attended any family functions however had married a honestly wealthy man years ago.  She had no children of his own so left his money to his nieces plus nephews. It isn’t enough to make us overly comfortable, but, it is enough to allow us to update our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system so that we don’t have to worry about it finally working or not. We decided that this was the best way to use the money however kept enough for us to go away for a weekend plus relax too.  

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