The furnace does it’s job

My boyfriend and I live in the northern part of the country where winters are long and cold. To me, I see no problem with this. I was raised to love the snow. I associate the powdery blankets with childhood memories of skiing and sledding. However, my boyfriend is dying to move to the south, where it feels like summer all year round. While I love the summer, don’t get me wrong, I can’t help but feel like I am missing something without the winter months. I have always enjoyed living in a place where it is possible to experience all four seasons of the year. In the south, the summer months are so hot that most of the time you don’t want to do things outside anyways. We would rely on our air conditioner for everything. It’s one thing to enjoy a sunny, warm day, but once temperatures start approaching one hundred degrees, we will be running the air conditioner like crazy. I am someone who really enjoys the feeling of natural warmth and cool breezes, but I hate artificial air conditioners. The air is always much colder than I want it to be, or not cold enough–it never feels quite right because I am always dressed for what’s going on outside. In addition, the air conditioner tends to strip the air of its moisture. I can’t see myself spending 6 months of the year cooped up inside with the air on full blast. I would much rather enjoy my share of the heat, while also curling up in a heated home with a cup of coffee for my share of the winter. Even though I am pretty certain I don’t want to move, I promised my boyfriend I would keep an open mind. I am determined to find an air conditioner that would make the home feel comfortable by my standards.

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