I decided to use a programmable thermostat

After twenty years of living with the same old-fashioned thermostat, I decided to upgrade.  I’ve found that the simple change from a manual thermostat to a programmable model has provided many benefits.  The programmable thermostat was not all that expensive to purchase, and I was able to handle the installation on my own.  I simply removed the old unit from the wall, checked to see where and how the wires were connected, and then hooked up the new thermostat in the same way.  I took the time to read over the owner’s manual and setup guide in order to do everything right and operate the unit properly. I wanted to make sure to take advantage of all features and get the most value out of my investment.  My main priority was to reduce monthly energy usage. With the programmable thermostat, I can adjust the home’s temperature to the exact point of personal comfort. I’ve read that for every degree I raise or lower the thermostat throughout the heating or cooling season, I can save up to two percent on my utility bill.  With the programmable thermostat, I don’t end up leaving the air conditioning or furnace blasting at maximum capacity while my whole family is away from home. I’ve created a schedule according to my family’s typical routine. The thermostat keeps the home comfortable while we’re there and trims energy consumption when we’re not home.  Another bonus of the new thermostat is that it maintains a more consistent temperature throughout the home. Instead of making continual adjustments to accommodate the changing outside temperature, the thermostat runs at a constant level. We feel more comfortable and spend less time fiddling with the thermostat. I usually set up a schedule at the beginning of the heating or cooling season and then forget all about it.  This has lessened wear and tear on the furnace and air conditioner, allowing the equipment to work at its best.

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