I guess I need help

I decided to convert the whole condo to a ductless system. I am tired of HVAC duct. Ductwork has caused my family nothing but issues. The HVAC duct is consistently absolutely dirty. Every few months you are supposed to get HVAC duct cleaning. If I ever get the HVAC ducts cleaned, the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier breaks them. The HVAC ducts are apparently as fragile as eggs. The Heating & Air Conditioning professional has broken my HVAC ducts on every duct cleaning appointment. I don’t notice immediately however. I go months with high energy costs. I then call the Heating & Air Conditioning repairman back so he does HVAC duct sealing. It is a costly cycle of cleaning as well as patching HVAC duct, then the central Heating & Air Conditioning systems don’t function that well either. Sure, every room achieves heating as well as cooling with the HVAC duct, however, who wants every room in the condo the same temperature? What about Heating & Air Conditioning zone control? This is much better. Every section gets their own air handler as well as thermostat. The bedroom can have AC, the kitchen heating as well as the bathroom getting nothing. Everybody is in optimal comfort as well as the energy costs are way lower. To have Heating & Air Conditioning zone control, my plan needs to be ductless. I need to get the HVAC ducts removed or sealed off. Then the central Heating & Air Conditioning goes out the door in favor of ductless mini splits. It is costly to change over! But, in the end, the savings will get that currency back, and also, there will no longer be any more fights about what the thermostat should read. The six of us all will have our own thermostat.

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