That was quite confusing

I have considered all sorts of careers. There are so many to choose from, that it’s hard to decide what is best for you; I’ve looked into the airline industry & have l learned that it is a multi-billion dollar business, so I thought it would be good to become an airline pilot. I’ve thought of getting into advertising or maybe being a financial advisor. I’ve even considered getting into law enforcement, since I really enjoy watching the cop show & could see myself out there catching the bad guys.

          The Heating & Air Conditioning industry looked rather appealing. The demand for Heating & Air Conditioning specialists great & you can make a great amount of money in this line of work! Knowing that heating & cooling repair is needed basically everywhere you go, that would be a really stable career & you could work just about anywhere in the country. I’ve also been interested in finding some type of work from home job, but my problem has been finding a suitable work from home job, paying decent decent. I started looking into freelance writing & thought that could be a good task for me. I do happen to care about writing & with certain research tools, I suppose that I could make my way to becoming successful!

              After considering all these careers, I decided I would attend a trade school & get my Heating & Air Conditioning certification. With this 6 month course, I could be certified & finally working as an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist in no time. The start pay looked really attractive, & honestly, the job security is what I love the most. I would never find myself without work.

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