A very old boiler system

When your HVAC unit dies, you can sell it back to certain HVAC companies. They will take it for parts and reuse some of them. They don’t give you that much money though. I researched and realized I would get more money if I scrapped my heater unit. I had an old boiler system in my basement for around 20 years. When it died, I called my brother Bob and the two of us moved it out. Now, that makes it sound like it was easy. It was not a simple heater removal process. New boiler systems are smaller, sleek and real modern looking. My boiler was not like that at all. The heater was as tall as Bob and way wider. It was all Bob and I could do to lift it. We had to remove all the hookups from it first though. Then the two of us had to carry it up the basement stairs, through a narrow opening and then out my front door. I scraped my hands all over, Bob banged his hip and then boiler almost knocked us down the stairs. We then drove the heater to the scrap metal place and had to take it out of the car. The amount of money we got for the boiler system was even sort of worth the work. After doing this whole process with the heating system, I will never scrape again. It it worth taking less money and having HVAC contractors move it. I would have enjoyed watching them struggle. Also, I had to split the money with Bob.

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