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It’s funny how I feel like my heat pump is  to be my cooling unit alone. I live in the South, so the air conditioning is on for most of the year.  The heat pump does a satisfying task of keeping my house cold. Yet, I never really could guess of how superb it is in the Wintertime.  I simply take it for granted. The heat pump is able to more than double duty in the Winter. A reversing valve in the heat pump switches the flow of the refrigerant to heat a home.  This way the heat energy is extracted from the air that is outside. If it gets really cold or snowing, there is an electric panel that heats up to supplement the heating. However, cold snaps where I live are rare.  I found that using an electric furnace or radiant heating system can cost more than two times more to use rather than a typical heat pump. I was surprised by that number. When I was designing and building my house, I chose to put in a pool.  My heat pump even heats the water in my pool! I have a device that uses wasted heat from the heat pump to entirely heat my pool & spa. Also, I save nearly four to six times what it would cost me to heat the pool & spa with an electric heater. It is the best investment I’ve made for a while.  The heat pump is just so efficient as well. To my mind, there is no other option for Heating, Ventilation and A/C heating & cooling in this weather conditions where I live. I have the HVAC technician inspect my area by having my heat pump taken care of twice or three times a year. A licensed Heating, Ventilation and A/C specialist comes to inspect and tune up the heat pump to ensure that it stays in top shape.  I could not be any happier saving a lot of money with my heat pump and all the things it is able to do for me. I will not take it for granted this time. The heat pump is not overpriced and is a reliable, flexible Heating Ventilation and A/C system.

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