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Size can make or break a purchase. I always tend to get things a little too large. I can’t help it, bigger is better right? I got a way too big of fridge and it wasted a lot of electricity. I got too big of a car and I can never park it. The worst is that I bought an overly large HVAC unit. To begin with, it was not my fault. I did not realize that HVAC contractors use rule of thumb with HVAC sizing. The HVAC contractor did a loose guess. He based it on the general size of my home to determine what the HVAC should be. The HVAC technician wanted a larger commission, so he padded those numbers up. I thought that a big HVAC unit means that I would never be cold or too hot. So I bought an even bigger HVAC unit than recommended. My HVAC equipment is way too big and it is costing me a ton in the end. The reason HVAC systems need to be the proper size is because of achieving temperature control. A too small of a unit never can reach the temperature on the thermostat. So this HVAC technology just keeps running and running. The HVAC eventually burns itself out and needs heavy HVAC repairs. You also never have good amounts of heating and air. Well I have the opposite problem. The HVAC achieves the temperature too quickly. The heater and AC are always cycling on and off. This is terrible for the system and my bills are sky high even though it is hardly ever on.

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