A large home

I have a very large, very old house, that is divided into a lot of small rooms.  Most of the rooms, my family doesn’t even use. Some of them we only rarely utilize.  When we first moved in, there was one central thermostat to control the temperature of the entire home.  Our monthly energy bills were enormous. We live in an area of the country where the weather is severe and continually fluctuates.  It’s not unusual to have hot, humid weather one day, and temperatures below freezing the next. We are forced to run either the furnace or air conditioner nearly all year long.  Various rooms in the house tend to heat up because of the large windows and direction they face. To cool these rooms, I needed to set an exceptionally low temperature on the thermostat.  The air conditioner would then work hard and run for extensive cycles to achieve this comfort level in one particular room. It would cost me a fortune, and the rest of the house would be far too cold.  In the winter, I had the opposite problem with heating. With the high ceilings in the house, the heat also tends to rise straight up to the ceilings, making the house difficult to keep warm. Plus, my family members complained about the conditions in their particular rooms.  I eventually consulted with a local HVAC contractor and invested into zoned conditioning. The HVAC contractor installed a series of valves within the ductwork, as well as thermostats in the various rooms. We can now set independent temperature room by room, and the valves regulate the heated and cooled air.  Not only does this cater to personal preference, save money, and reduce wear and tear on the heating and cooling equipment, but it’s much more convenient to have a thermostat nearby. We no longer need to walk through the entire house just to make a change to temperature setting.

HVAC equipment