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When we bought our new home, we were delighted to move from the city to the state. We were tired of traffic sounds and fumes, noisy house buildings, and cramped spaces. Finding a mature home with a giant top porch and huge backyard was a dream become a. We moved in during that fall, and spent tons of your time and money renovating the property. We replaced windows and gentle fixtures, sanded down the hard wood floors, painted walls, and remodeled your kitchen and bathrooms. Once the colder weather mounted in, we ran the furnace along with the house was wonderfully warm along with cozy. We did not worry about the possible lack of a central air conditioner, because our weather rarely gets very hot. Plus, our summer season is normally short. We planned to manage by examining our numerous windows and enjoying an alternative breeze. I was looking forward to hanging my laundry in the clothesline and sipping lemonade on my front porch. Unfortunately, should the outside temperature heated up, my neighbor turned his sheep out on the pasture. There is about several sheep, and they smell extremely horrible. They also draw in a ton of flies. If I leave your windows open, my whole house reeks of sheep manure in addition to flies get inside. If I hang my laundry relating to the clothesline, it becomes contaminated with the stench of sheep. I can’t stand to sit on my front porch as a result of bugs and awful smell. Due to the neighbor’s sheep, my husband and I were forced to buy a central cooling system. The air conditioner we can keep the windows closed, in addition to filters out odors.