Working on the fan setting

Our new apartment has radiant heat in the floors. There are multiple benefits to this type of heating, besides saving money on our heating bill. The heat in our apartment is clean, quiet and free of drafts. In a forced-air furnace, the heat rises to the ceiling, which can cause boiling or frigid spots. With such radiant heating, the heat and warmth are distributed throughout our rooms, since the heat is concentrated on the floor level, we are able to walk around comfortably in our bare feet, even on the coldest afternoons! Our radiant in-floor heating is a healthy alternative to the correct forced-air heat. This is terrific for our children who both have flu symptoms and asthma, because the heated air is not being blown through dusty, dirty ducts that tend to circulate airborne pollutants in homes.

Initially, every one of us were planning on installing carpet over the concrete floors, but, when our contractor showed us the lovely decorative concrete floors that were available to us, every one of us changed our minds. So, there are no dust mites and dirt build-up or trapped pet hair in our home, just clean, fresh, allergen-free, enticing warmth for us all!  Also, our radiant heat floors is that they’re invisible and virtually silent because the plan is totally concealed under the concrete. There are no air vents cluttering the walls or baseboards and no wall radiators taking up space in the rooms, radiant floor heating hiding under our lovely concrete floors was an excellent choice for our family.

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