I could use a helping hand

Ever since I could remember, I have always had very sensitive skin and been prone to all type of skin irritations. I am forced to use everything fragrance-free including lotion, soap, and  laundry detergent. I can’t wear aftershave, and I’m extremely careful with exactly what deodorant I purchase. When I moved down south a couple of years ago, my problems got process worse. I developed a horrific case of jock itch, because of the intense heat, humidity along with constant sweating. Despite buying all sorts of powders, lotions and sprays, I couldn’t eliminate it. The problem is not only horribly uncomfortable, but it’s as well rather embarrassing. I finally went to the doctor, who suggested deterrent measures. I bought new underwear and after this take lots of cool showers. I also invested in a central air conditioner and a good whole-home dehumidifier. The cooling system elements variable speed technology, which allows it to automatically adapt to the changing demands of your home. Because it adapts capacity, functioning longer at lower speeds, it maintains more even temperature at all times. The dehumidifier extracts excess moisture within the air to maintain optimum distant relative humidity. Partnering the air conditioner with the dehumidifier has created a much more comfortable and healthier indoor setting and really helped combat my issues with jock itch. In the location where I live, I need to run the air conditioner and dehumidifier just about year round, which can get hold of expensive. The dehumidifier allows me to line the thermostat a bit larger without sacrificing comfort. This cuts down energy use and lowers that monthly electric bill. Although I’m content to save money, I’d pay anything to take out the jock itch.

cooling unit